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eBook Just Released! The No Nonsense Guide to Drugs & Alcohol

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Everyone knows that drugs can kill you. Yet half the kids in America will try some drug before they leave high school. Too often kids don’t believe what they hear because they only get part of the story. They need more. For some kids, drugs are simply fun. For others they’re liquid courage at a party, or a way to take the edge off the blues. This eBook is for the kids who ask “What’s wrong with that, Doc?” Plenty, of course. Few kids die from drugs, but many are hurt, and some are hurt for a life time. This eBook sorts out the risks with the click of a mouse or the touch of a finger.

It’s the first eBook ever that deals with kids sixteen years and older and the drugs they choose. It’s designed to enable the reader to search a topic of interest, and jump to the main points quickly. Whether they have the focus of a genius or the attention span of a gnat, this eBook helps kids make smarter choices about drugs. As an eBook it harnesses the power of the Internet to provide the reader with the latest science for and against many drug claims.  It’s a book, it’s a myth buster, and it’s a doorway to the whole world of drug information. But it’s also a way to save a kid’s life.

  • Clear and compelling graphics.
  • Clinical stories, humor, and pop icons.
  • The hands-down greatest killer, and how Big Tobacco plots to keep it that way.
  • Marijuana as medicine, and marijuana as an assault to the growing brain.
  • The hidden benefits of caffeine.
  • The hidden dangers in the medicine cabinet.
  • The drugs in chemicals, plants, and toads.
  • The surprising winners and losers in our Drug War.
  • And a way to empower young people to change things for the better.

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